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Our company’s business model is that, from functional peptides resulted from academic research in the university, we select products with a high degree of practicality, organize collaborative research on them, incubate the seeds, and build bridges towards their practical applications. Based on these processes, we expand our business, on the one hand by developing pharmaceutical drugs, functional cosmetics and medical devices, and on the other hand, by gaining license contract fees and royalty payments through partnership with pharmaceutical companies.


Our Services

We develop our business while keeping as a central theme the area of Unmet Medical Needs of intractable skin ulcer disease, as well as highly marketable antibody-inducing peptides.

In areas of intractable ulcer treatment drugs such as decubitus ulcers, where, even today, the treatment satisfaction rate for both doctors and patients is low, and antibody-inducing peptides are expected to reduce the economic burden of patients as well as the burden of medical finances, and be the innovation that will replace high-priced antibody drugs.

Furthermore, integrating the development of functional cosmetic products and medical devices, etc., that enable us to commercialize with relatively a short time and has a low development-associated risk compared to pharmaceutical drugs, as another pillar of our business in addition to our partnership with each manufacturer, we develop a business that also brings our own company’s sales in perspective.

Thus, as a corporation that contributes to society in the broad area of improvement of the QOL (Quality Of Life) of not only patients who suffer from diseases but also healthy individuals who hope to remain healthy, we aim through incorporating a number of business areas and building a solid business foundation, to be a stable company in the midst of fiercely competing drug development business.